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Nuclear Industry Summit Latin America 2019, Dec. 5-6, Buenos Aires, Argentina

NISLA 2019 Organizer

PEAK Events is the organizer of the Nuclear Industry Summit Latin America 2019 (NISLA 2019).

We are a leading business knowledge provider and event organizer based in China, dedicating to spreading nuclear industry knowledge and business information worldwide, and building platforms for the exchanges and cooperation between business decision makers.

In Argentina, we have been successfully organizing the NISLA 2016, NISLA 2017 and NISLA 2018, over 500 participants, 60 speakers and 30 sponsors joined us in the past 3 years. We hope to bring international nuclear companies to Argentina and build a platform for Argentine counterparts to seek international cooperations with overseas technologies.

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NISLA 2019 Co-Organizer

AgencyO has more than 20 years of experience. It has dedicated to the development and integral advice in corporate marketing and general image of brands, products and services. It provides creativity and comprehensive design of the needs arising from research and business objectives. Through our strategic partners we help to insert new businesses in the local market, through the management of public affairs and governmental bodies.

We work under strict rules of confidentiality and security on the information provided by each client.

Our services:

  • Development of the image of brands and services.
  • Development of strategy and creativity in offline and online channels.
  • Design and conceptualization of communication materials.
  • Creativity application to generate new businesses.
  • Branding development and management of cross marketing.
  • Advice on development and implementation of new businesses.
  • Promotions and recruitment of human resources.
  • Search and development of special suppliers.
  • Development and implementation of marketing actions.
  • Social Network Management.
  • Production of content for traditional and digital media.
  • Development and management of digital channels.
  • Comprehensive marketing solutions tailored to each client.
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