Coordinator of conceptual design of the CAREM commercial scale (480 MW), Argentinean National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA)


Coordinator of conceptual design of the CAREM commercial scale (480 MW), Argentinean National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA)



September2015-Present: Argentinean National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) – Coordinator of the conceptual design of the CAREM commercial scale (480 MW):

• Neutronics

• Thermo-hydraulics

• Design bases (lay-out, operating systems and nuclear safety)

• Optimization of the design using several codes that cover specific areas of design, one of them also assists us to evaluate the CAPEX and see how to minimize the cost per MW generated.

August 2010- August 2015:

Advisor the CAREM Project in the Technical Engineering Office sector:

– Design of in depth safety systems to extend the grace period in severe accidents.

– Design of the mitigation system in the generation of hydrogen during severe accidents.

– Radiological Protection, designing shields, calculation of doses in the different areas due to gamma radiation and neutron flux. Assessment of the radiological impact from CAREM 25 reactor’s liquid and gaseous effluents on members of the public. Optimization of the Radiological Protection systems, according to the ALARA principles. In addition, independent evaluation of the different CAREM reactor systems design.


Macedonian Energy S.R.L. Involved in renewable energies: solar, bio energy.
Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa. Chemical Division. In charge of the total design of the distillation section of a fluorocarbon plant through the different stages: Research and Development, Conceptual Design, financial pre-feasibility studies, basic and detailed engineering. Construction and lay-out of the plant. CAPEX (USD 120M).

Other tasks:

• Financial evaluation and recommendation of different projects of the chemical area of the AEC. Sensitivity analysis for different scenarios to design a financing strategy. These feasibility studies were done by software designed by us.

• Joint design of the cooling plant that provides the refrigerant to the main plant.

• Linear programming to optimize profits and minimize risks.
Council for Nuclear Safety of South Africa. Involved in the design, operational, licensing and management of radioactive waste assessments of projects of the Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa.

Design evaluation of the engineering and safety systems of the Koeberg nuclear power plants in Cape Town. Pinch analysis for optimal energy consumption for Koeberg. Involved in the input data and modifications of the MC-PWR package, which was implemented as a simulator for the Koeberg nuclear power plant. Economic optimization of the Koeberg fuel cycles. Root causes analysis to evaluate potent ial accidents and recommend corrective actions of Koeberg’s design and operation.

Project and process engineer of an irradiation plant in Bahía Blanca, Argentina. The sponsors of the project were the UNS and the CNEA. In charge of the radiological protection design systems. In charge of the documentation for the licensing / design of software for process control. Fault Tree Analysis.

Jun-89 / Nov-89: PLAPIQUI, Bahía Blanca. Hired part time for the software design to simulate the process control of one of the plants of the Bahía Blanca petrochemical center (ethane separation plant).


Member of the Institute of Nuclear Engineers of the United Kingdom (South African branch). Member of the South African Institute of Chemical Engineers (SAICHE).